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From Deni Subconscious Healer 
San Francisco, CA
Let me ask you....why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

As a coach, consultant or healer you value your independence, you want to create your own schedule, have the freedom to work from anywhere, impact the lives of many, align with your passion and create financial freedom right?

Except that sometimes it feels so hard to build momentum in your business. There are these pesky self-doubt, fear of failure and procrastination issues that get in the way of that financial freedom and independence you desire. 

I get it... I suffered from those issues for years, and overcame them...and now you can too!

So just imagine if you had the clarity, and the confidence to start taking consistent action. How would you life and business be different?

In the next section I am going to show you how Neuro Transformative Energy™️ can help overcome those issues and case studies to prove it. 

Keep going...

~ Deni

Successful Entrepreneur 
 Neuro TRANSFORMATIVE Energy™️ Helps you

Reprogram your beliefs at the subconscious level so you truly change behavior and start moving toward your goals with more confidence

Effectively shift your thoughts and energy so you can start creating what you desire most in life

Transform and transmute the trapped emotions that are stored in the body so you can experience more, peace, joy and fulfillment in your life

This is NOT just another rah-rah motivational coaching program...

Here is the thing most talk therapies, affirmations practices and motivational seminars talk to the conscious part of the brain. That is why you only get temporary changes and you end up relapsing to your old behavior. 
Neuro Transformative Energy™️ is a NEW comprehensive approach to rewire the old negative beliefs that stop you from achieving success...Once those changes are made at the unconscious level...then long-lasting behavioral change truly happens.  

You will then start to show up with more confidence an increase productivity! Imagine what you can accomplish from that place!
Now is YOUR opportunity to train your brain and nervous system to get the outcomes that you want!

Can you Imagine what your life would be like if you broke free from what is holding you back from reaching your goals? 

Entrepreneurs You Don’t Have To work HARD To Have a Profitable business! 
If you are reading this right now...

It means that you have an entrepreneurial spirit but sometimes find it hard to keep the momentum going...

Often you may feel as though you are swimming upstream with weights on your ankles much effort with very little results. 

I used to follow the advice of all the “gurus” out there saying...

DO MORE if you want to be successful

I heard you have to...

❌ Work until your eyeballs bleed
❌ Take massive action
❌ You gotta hustle if you want to succeed

At times I would even compare myself to other entrepreneurs and notice they were crushing it while I was 
barely making ends meet...

I began to wonder if I had what it took to be an entrepreneur ...

I was doing everything I was “supposed” to be doing... So why the F am I not successful already?!

Here is the thing…

Most entrepreneurs want to change their external world but want to stay the same inside... 

Struggling entrepreneurs say things like "when I have all this money I will be happy," "

When I have this then I will be at peace and feel joy..."
Sound Familiar?

The Real Reason You Are Not Accomplishing Your Goals

(Discover What the 1% of Entrepreneurs Do Instead)

Don't Just Take My Word For It...
Find out for yourself. Discover the results my clients get!

Case Study



Gloria was able to quit her 9-5 Job and stepped into her new identity 
as an entrepreneur when she got out of her own way...

"Deni helped me overcome my fear of rejection." 

Follow- Up Gloria 

October 2020

September 2021

July 2022

  • How to synchronise your goals with an actionable plan.
  • Reclaim accountability of self and of your team.
  • ​How to implement systems so your team runs smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Understand where your blind spots are, and know how to fix them.
  • Build a high-performance workplace. 
  • ​Know your objectives and align them with technology, business strategy and goals.

More Clients Results



"I had been struggling with some traumatic events that happened in my past and despite me really trying to get over those events, I was not making progress. I worked with Deni for five sessions and was astounded when I discovered that I could heal my past traumas in a way that I never expected. I am beyond grateful for the result I have had in that I am able to get on with my life in a way that has so much hope, possibility and meaning in a way that I had essentially given up on. Working with Deni was not only powerful and transformative for my life and future, it was also a profoundly pleasant experience. I am thankful beyond words."



"Deni’s process is so cool and relaxing! I came to her
With issues about procrastination and taking action. After just 2 sessions!!! I had already accomplished more than I had set out to do that day. Since meeting with Deni, I have accomplished several tasks that I have been putting off for months and months. One particular thing for over a year! I am looking forward to more daily productivity. The best part is that I can actually see myself reaping the financial rewards of doing the doing and that is exciting. I look forward to working with Deni again."


"I worked on fear of judgment with Deni. After our sessions together I feel less resistance and less fear about other people's judgments. I feel calmer and more at peace. I would definitely recommend Deni! She was very easy to talk to, I felt like she really listened to me and she explained the process really well. Deni really took the time to get to know what the root cause of my issue was and was very empathetic and compassionate. She has a very calming energy and I loved every session that we had together." ~K. Devencenzi


Honestly, the work Deni did with me was amazing and truly transformative. It wasn’t something I realized right away. It was just one day I realized I wasn’t feeling the same emotions and thoughts I used to regarding my ex (which is what we worked on). Especially the guilt. And that alone is honestly so amazing. My ex is still being himself (lol) but it doesn’t feel the way it used to.
 A true gift.

CJ Rivard


"Discover how CJ overcame Call Reluctance and 
Fear of Rejection"...

Jahje Ives


"From Overwhelmed and Lacking Clarity to Decisive & Driven"...

Val Hemminger

Entrepreneur / Divorce Lawyer 

"The judge finally started listening to me and the whole
energy in the room changed using this process"...

Annie P. Kirk


"How to show up authentically as an entrepreneur"...



"Fear was holding me back from growing my business"...



"I realized I only had intellectually processed my past painful memories...



"I got clarity and was able to organize my life and business better"...



"I now am able to connect with others better"...

My journey From Unfulfillment & Burnout 
To Living a life Filled with Joy, Purpose & Freedom...

Hi, I'm Deni, and I am a huge animal lover! 

When I am not hugging animals. I help entrepreneurs overcome procrastination, fear of failure, & self- doubt so they can create more impact & have the financial freedom they desire

It all started when I left a career as a probation officer behind to start my own venture as an entrepreneur! Best decision I have made in my life thus far!

I will say the road that led me to where I am now was a rocky one. At the beginning...I struggled to grow my business. I had a lot of fear and doubt that was holding me back and the affirmations and the personal development seminars did not work for me.  

Until I discovered how to effectively talk to my unconscious and let go of past hurtful memories.

That is when the wind in my sails shifted!

The 2 things that made the most impact in my life were changing my negative beliefs using subconscious strategies and releasing past trauma with energy healing.

Without those 2 combined, I would not be aligned with my purpose, and making a living doing what I LOVE! 

With the guidance of source, and through my mentors I combined several modalities and created Neuro Transformative Energy. If you are ready to start living the life you intend, go ahead and book a clarity call with me by clicking the orange button on this page. 

Talk soon!


Here are Even More client Results



"I was feeling joy in a situation where, I used to buzz with anxiety"

I did some work with Deni that made a world of difference in my life. For years, I felt a heaviness in my head. Most things I needed to do felt like a burden or created an unpleasant anxiousness and sadness. After working with Deni I noticed more joy in everyday life. The heaviness I had felt for years was gone.  Weeks later I was working on a presentation, typically a very stressful event for me. More than half-way through my preparation it occurred to me just how relaxed and at ease I felt. I was feeling joy in a situation where, I used to buzz with anxiety. Now a days, I carry joy around with me wherever I go. Thank you Deni.



"I have a sense of peace, joy and freedom." 



"I don't think I would been willing to make this 
huge jump if it was not for your help." 

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